About Us

Mission Statement

Our goal is to work in partnership with government, businesses and non-for-profit organizations to strive for a barrier free environment for mobility challenged drivers. 

Who We Are

The Canadian Coalition for Mobility Challenged Drivers was formed in 2017 by Edward Rice, the Chairman of the Ontarians with Disabilities League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith Canada, and Louise Russo, founder of W.A.V.E. (Working Against Violence Everyday).  

Mobility challenged drivers continue to face barriers in Canada, restricting independence. Barriers such as non-reliable assistance at gas stations, misuse of disabled parking permits and poorly sized and placed accessible parking spots, inhibit mobility challenged drivers from driving without extensive planning or having a passenger in the vehicle to assist. The Coalition aims to break down these barriers and create a fully accessible environment for Canadian mobility challenged drivers.     

The Team

Louise Russo

  In 2004, Louise Russo became an innocent victim of gun violence, when fragments of bullets shattered her spine and left her paralyzed forever. Determined that this senseless act of violence would have a positive outcome, she created the Louise Russo W.A.V.E. (Working Against Violence Everyday) not for profit organization. Since inception Louise has worked diligently to inspire youth and members of the community to take action against violence, make positive choices and initiate projects to make their schools and communities safer places to live, learn and play. 

In her private life, Louise advocates on disability issues, offers peer support to newly injured spinal cord patients and in 2010 she was appointed by the Attorney General of Ontario to sit on his advisory committee for the Office of Victims of Crime. Her contributions have been acknowledged through numerous awards, most notably the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and Governor General of Canada Meritorious Service Medal.  Louise has three wonderful children and currently lives in Toronto with her husband Sam.  

Edward Rice

  Edward "Eddie" Rice, a Polio survivor, was a Prosthetist at Sunnybrook Health Science Center. In the late 1980s, Post-Polio Syndrome forced him to take early retirement. In 1998 he was approached by B'nai Brith Canada to head a committee, for its League for Human Rights. This committee is known as The Ontarians with Disabilities.  

  Mr. Rice's uses his professional and personal experience to advise and consult on a wide variety of accessibility projects. He also acts as an advocate on numerous issues to improve the lives of people with disabilities.  

 Mr. Rice, has extensive experience with assisting with private, government, and Municipal projects as well as dealing with all forms of media. He has received numerous awards for his community service from the Toronto Jewish Federation, Itanu Committee and the Dani organization and is a member of various disability organizations and The Toronto Post Polio Group and the AODA Alliance